Losing weight- alternatives to the gym

Going to the gym and following a custom made routine is probably what most people assume as right when they want to lose weight. Doing high reps with low weights or vice versa, and then adding some cardio, this is roughly the picture associated with weight loss. New trends might even suggest DVD workout programs like the P90 workout, or going to some fitness class, and this is pretty much it when it comes to weigh loss.

For those of you who are low on the budget, or have had it enough of these fitness trends anyway, I want to suggest something different. We are not going to invent the wheel here and there is no hot water leaking at the end of this post, but the routines that I will list here will add quality and much diversity to your fitness schedule, and probably even better results.

You see, not everybody is meant to go to the gym or start a tailored program. Some people want to differ from the crowd and do things on their own. For those of you out there who are less interested in popular trends in fitness, let’s try something new and fun.


Not something foreign when it comes to weight loss, but something more and more neglected as science piles up against it. Namely, running is not that much efficient in weight loss, but on the account of you loving to run more than anything else, there is not much math to be done.

If you love something, chances are you are about to stick longer with it, and hopefully long enough to see great results in both fitness and health overall.

Start running by using some app like SportyPall, or simply count the minutes and track the distance. Make progress by adding to one or the other and as long as you are stretching well before taking the run and eating healthy, results are about to come, and you will see yourself losing weight.

Hiking and cross country running

The elevation under your feet gives you the edge in getting your hearth rate up in no time. Besides, it is an excellent muscle activator and your legs will be crying for help the moment you start to break sweat.

Alternate between hiking and running and see to it that you cover more distance while letting the clock measure more time. Don’t bother with measurements, as long as you are fairly honest to yourself and push as hard as you can go.

Do that for ten or fifteen minutes, and then take it slowly for another five or ten. This method of training is very close to high interval training, and it will make you lose a lot of fat tissue in the process. Besides, you are breathing clean air, and enjoying some splendid landscapes and views. Does it become any better than this?

eating-on-a-budget (2)


City cycling is fine, though I prefer mountain biking more than anything else. Not that many steep hills, and certainly not some rocky terrain, cross country cycling will put you into shape in no time.

Street city cycling is also great, and if you can pull it off, commuting to work is a terrific option.

A competitive sport with a ball

Running and swimming are both great, but sports that use a ball are amazing for couple of reasons.

  • First, every movement is totally unpredictable, so you are activating all of your muscle groups in all the ways possible.
  • Second, the stop and go element is great for both intensity and cardio. It will improve your power, balance, and strength, as well as cardio capacity while making you sweat buckets and lose a lot of weight.

Examples include basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and literally all others you can think off that make you break some sweat.

The perfect schedule for making a well-structured fitness routine out of these activities would probably be taking your fitness level into consideration and then filling the week schedule with various activities.


Monday- Running

Tuesday- Cycling

Wednesday- running

Thursday- rest day or some light stretching and yoga

Friday- Running

Saturday- Hiking and cross country running

Sunday- Playing basketball

Combine these activities according to your preferences, and you will soon start to see great results while having so much fun and enjoying the outdoors.