P90 review – the best fitness money can buy

Fitness coaches often hate to admit the new trend that took the fitness world by surprise- home DVD workouts. I mean, they were popular in the past too, but not nearly as popular as they are today. And among all the companies producing such workout programs, one definitely stands out from the crowd – Beachbody.

This health and fitness company is responsible for millions of Americans getting back into shape and improving both their fitness and health.

Nowadays, the company has released a new workout program called P90.

What is P90?

P90 is a remake of the popular power 90 series that made Beachbody a hit back in the day. We are talking more than a decade ago. Now, created by the same coach, Tony Horton, a beast in the fitness world, the P90 workout is all about simplified fitness.

The P90 workout lasts for 90 days, and through weeks and weeks of smart workout routines it can take you from beginner to advance in no time.

Unlike most other fitness program, P90 is designed to take it easy on you. No more daunting routines and endless reps; P90 takes it slow, and by using complex moves coordinated to increase efficiency, it takes you from one method of training to another.

P90 introduces what Tony calls simple cardio, and then adds some really cool resistance exercises.

P90 workouts review

The workouts themselves last somewhere around half an hour. Some are even shorter than that.

The period of three months is equally divided between what is the target goal at a time. If the first month focuses more on core strength and getting your body used to complex resistance moves performed by using your own body weight as a weight supplier, the second puts more stress on resistance training and adding weights.

The setting of the workouts, if you’ve done some of the previous P90X workouts, is already familiar. You have Tony instructing a group of three, and constantly moving between them to show you what correct form is, and what is the next move.

In contrast to all the other workouts created by Tony Horton, P90 will introduce you to the modified version of almost every move. That’s right, every move is modified and you can start with P90 regardless of your fitness and exercise background.

The package includes


The workout DVDs, a calendar to track your progress, and a nutrition plan designed to simplify things so you can jump right into healthy eating habits without giving it much thought.

The nutrition plan is simple and follows the same philosophy of the workout program itself; and that is, among other things, keeping things simple enough so it doesn’t become a chore in your daily routine. This way, both the workouts and the nutrition schedule will be easier to stick with.

What to expect from the P90 workout?

You can expect to have fun first and foremost. You see, this workout is made with the purpose of not only giving you results, but making it easy and fun for you to enjoy it. This way, results are almost guaranteed.

So, you can expect your cardio and strength improving, as well as your muscle mass increasing a bit. You will also notice a huge drop in body fat percentage, as well as losing weight overall.

Expect to sweat buckets too. Although they are marketing this workout as something easy to do, don’t try to fool yourself- you will have to work, and work hard. The more you invest yourself in the process, the more comes out of it- simple as that.

You will also want to stay true to the nutrition plan, as no result can be expected without following a healthy diet. There is no need to follow the diet P90 suggests to the letter and actually no need to follow it at all; but eating healthy is a must, and if you don’t know how to do that, then make sure to pay attention to the nutrition plan provided.

Also make sure to be consistent and follow the calendar. You can change workouts and skip them too, but do this too often and the results will take a hit. So stay consistent and try to up the ante every once in a while- meaning more sweat and more hard work.

The P90 workout is fun to do and will challenge you to discover new depths of your fitness capacity. It will take it slow and allow you to enjoy the process. But just as with everything else in life, you will have to push harder if you want better results.

If you need more info, you can read the P90 review made by the fitness site Lifestyle Updated.

Disclosure: I’m not in any way associated with Beachbody or any of their products, though I have done couple of them in the past.