Fitness Tips and Advice for People over 40

Many people believe that once they turn 40 it is too late to get back in shape especially if they have never practiced physical activity before and that this is just a waste of time for them. Before you give up from the beginning you should be aware that the loss of muscle mass and improper functioning of the cardiovascular system is not a normal sign of aging. They are primarily a direct result of a very inactive life. When a person who in the course of life has never dealt with physical activity reaches 65 years of age, they usually lose up to 40% of muscles mass and aerobic capacity compared to younger days. All these effects can be significantly reduced if you begin practicing exercises according to your age. According to many experts it is never too late to get back in shape. If you are interested to start exercising and you have already reached the 5th decade in your life make sure you follow these tips.


First and foremost, consult a doctor. This is especially important for people who have never been physically active (or they were not active for a long period of time) and people who have certain health problems. Only after you get approval from your doctor you can start exercising.

Another important step is to evaluate your current physical condition. In order to start following an exercise program that suits you, you must determine the state of the cardiovascular system, endurance, muscle strength, mobility and body composition. Before you start exercising find a professional trainer who will give you specific guidelines or even better buy a workout specially designed for your age. There are many good workout DVDs that have specific programs for people depending on their age. Beachbody workout have some of the most interesting and most efficient exercises you can imagine.

You need to be persistent and determined. Once you decide that you will start a fitness routine, try to follow it regularly and don’t look for excuses to skip the exercise session. Setting goals can help you with that. Even before you start with this activity you need to define clear and realistic goals. In other words, you need to know what you want to achieve. For some people this means losing few extra pounds while others would like to be part of some marathon.

Just like any other category of people, people over 40, need to warm-up before they start exercising. Light warming-up should be part of every session and this is especially true for those older than 40 because their bodies are more prone to injuries. A good warm-up will improve blood flow to the muscles and increase the mobility of joints. A few minutes before you increase the intensity of the exercise try to perform some light aerobic exercises.

Due to your age, you’ll probably need a little more time for recovery after each training session. So don’t rush to begin your next session and allow the body to heal, recover and reenergize.