A Few Weight Loss False Beliefs That Prevent Progress

The number of people who want to lose weight is constantly growing. This is a phenomenon that can be easily linked to the growing demands of the society/environment (slim people are more acceptable) as well as with some stereotypical beliefs that link appearance with success – young, slim, beautiful, successful businessmen or businesswomen. The media is flooded with images of slim, muscular bodies that are quite opposite from the reality we live in and all these things directly lead to reduction of self-complacency in most people today.

These reasons make the desire for weight loss (as well as the desire for smooth skin complexion, muscular body and younger appearance) quite understandable. However, people very often start this process of weight loss with some wrong beliefs that hinder the achievement of self-complacency and in some rare extreme cases they can even lead to eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia.

I have to lose weight is a misconception from which most people begin when they start a diet. This belief creates strong pressure on the person and often leads to excessive perfectionism because people believe that they are perfect only if they have a certain amount of weight. Although in situations where health is conditioned by weight loss and diet prescribed by qualified physician (for example in cases of increased risk of cardio diseases) this belief may be of considerable help, in cases of weight loss efforts made due to dissatisfaction with the appearance, creating pressure lads to reduced self-satisfaction in the long run and prevents access to healthy diet.

I need to see results and I need those results now is another belief that people have when they are trying to lose weight in a very short period of time and the greatest danger of this belief is the practice of inadequate diet which usually comes down to eating very small amount of food. Although this diet actually leads to faster weight loss it is also good to point out that it slows down the metabolism which is why after the person stops with this practice they regain the lost pounds very fast and even add few more pounds. Proper, healthy diet doesn’t bring fast results, but it also doesn’t disrupt the work of our metabolism and that’s why the results last longer.

I can’t practice a changed diet because it is too difficult is a belief that often occurs in people who want to lose weight as fast as possible, especially when they are trying to reach this goal by previously mentioned taking small amount of food on a daily basis. It is no surprise that they find hard to stick to this type of diet because no one can last long if they eat two apples and a banana every day several days in a row. Diets which include proper nutrition are much easier to manage and it’s easier to stick to them until your reach your goal.

So, when you begin with a diet, avoid quick diets, set realistic goals (losing 5 pounds in one week is not a realistic goal) and be persistent because persistence in quality diet will not only help you lose weight slowly, but it will also help you develop healthy eating habits.