Beat your addiction using fitness

If every failed attempt to turn your back on your addiction was put under a lens, it will surprise you how much of an impact accountability has. Or lack of it thereof.

And it is not that much about having or not having accountability per se, as much as it is about the source of it- the person, schedule, maxim, promise; you are accountable to.

Giving a second thought about it will in fact save you a lot of trial and error later on. And the thing is that with every failed attempt a whole spectrum of negativities emerges, mostly in the form of depression, resentment, anger, and fear that you are stuck and without an option. But this can be stepped over.

In a nutshell, you have to decide what makes you more accountable, and then just lay down the foundation by either telling a friend, relative, social group; writing a journal, blog even…

To say that this is very far from trial and error will be reciting flowery prose; but when you think about it, upfront, instead of just figuring it out along the way of your effort to fight your addiction, you approach it far more consciously.

Without further ado, here are three great ideas that will help you stay more accountable while fighting your addiction.

  1. Find someone who can actually invest the time to watch over your progress. You see, nine out of ten times we fail miserably because we feel no one even cares. And being accountable to a person who is there one second and absent another usually reinforces this feeling. It causes you to feel not important, abandoned, and this brings your progress down fairly quickly.
  2. Social media and the internet offer myriad of ways to stay accountable. You can participate in a Facebook group, or find an online forum. A couple of studies were being made about addiction to junk food and obesity in relation to dieting. Guess what? It turns out that daily reminders in the form of pictures and quotes, as well as sharing stories about every bit of success down the road proved very effective in decreasing food cravings and increasing discipline and will power.
  3. Start a blog. Seriously; just decide about the date, make the preparations, and start typing. You will feel liberated, find a great passion about writing and sharing your story, feel accountable towards your readers, no matter the number. The great think about it is that over time you will become more and more passionate about the whole thing, and have something else to occupy your mind with on daily basis. And this, in combination with increased accountability, will skyrocket your chance for success.

I’m convinced that these strategies will prove successful in defeating your addiction one step at a time. You can think for a second and find the one that is most suitable for you, or even make a combination out of the three. But start thinking about it even today. What do you say? Which one appeals the most to you? Think about it.

Defeat your addiction by creating another – Fitness

Trying to decrease the magnitude of your addiction, you probably fight day after day in order to forget about it; forcefully push it out of your life. But when doing so, it is common knowledge that something must occupy your time in order for your addiction to subside.

Have you ever heard about fighting one addiction by creating another? No? Hear me out then.

Say you have a bucket half full with oil, and you want to get it out but are not allowed to touch it. Simple, right? You just fill the bucket with water, and the oil spills out.

Well, similar logic and mathematical reasoning lay behind battling your addiction. You just replace it with another, healthy one.

You see, our body is programed so that once it feels the need of escapism it must be fed with something satisfying that need. Over time this diminishes, but trying to fight it right way is harder at a number of levels.

What is considered as the best approach is trying to satisfy the need of escapism by introducing another addiction.

Here are few ideas as to get the hang of it:

  1. The best agent of change ladies and gents – fitness. I’m a fitness aficionado myself, and I cannot stress how much fitness workouts like the Insanity workout have helped me over the past few years when it comes to confronting and eliminating every emotional and mental obstacle along the way.

The best thing about it is that fitness combines couple of deciding elements that will help you fight your addiction successfully. It occupies your schedule, allow you to detach from everything and experience the moment (something which will make wonders when experienced in its entirety), change your body’s chemical composition at a given moment and make you feel better in a way hard to describe.

  1. Start following through with you passions. Take the guitar down from the attic, or go online and buy a set of tools for model boatbuilding. Same thing as above- it will occupy your time, make you focus on the now. Every time you feel that you are weaker in your resolve, just detach from reality for a moment by wrapping your arms around your passion. It will do the rest. Believe me.
  2. Find something you can take care of. Whether this is a room full of flowers, or a pet, or maybe participating in some non-profit charitable organization, it will do just fine. The trick is to occupy your thoughts with the wellbeing of someone else, hence not focusing most of the time on yourself, being forced to fight your addiction all day long. You will be surprised how much of a benefit caring for someone else can provide. It will increase your accountability as well.

Remember, the idea is to get yourself occupied with something else, hence pushing your addiction out of the picture by simply replacing it. This is easier said than done the first week or two, but as enthusiasm and new surrounding prevails, it will for sure make your addiction diminish more and more by the day.