3 things you can do to improve even today

We always approach change as if there is some already laid pattern. We try to detect that pattern, follow it blindly. And assuming that change is always for the better, we can say that we approach self-improvement in the same manner. Trying to learn what worked for others, completely copy what they did in order to get there.

But as you already noticed for yourself, you cannot turn your life for the better by blindly following what others say. There would have been a manual if that was the case. But there isn’t one, now is there? At least not a functional one as far as I can tell.

You, as me, came to realize that no matter how good information there is to learn nothing is just copy and paste if you know what I mean. Learning even from the best in any field out there is not enough if you, yourself, don’t adapt to the process.

So what do we overlook most of the time that if applied strategically will indeed improve our lifestyle and quality of life?

Things we can apply even today that are up to us

1. Having the best material for studying something, having the best diet plan, the best fitness coach, the best conditions under which you can improve… All of that is for nothing if it’s not tailored according to your taste.

How you can achieve this, and tilt things in your favor?

Simply put, you go and explore. Find the best schedule for you; organize your time so you can feel all of that as a part of your life, your everyday. After that you just go and tweak things down the road as they come.

Simple as that really. You see, we always try following someone else’s plan, someone else’s routine. What worked for them won’t necessarily work for you.

2. Connect with your passion. Try and reminisce which were the things you loved doing most for the bigger part of your life. Chances are that you don’t do them anymore. Playing the guitar in the garage band, going hiking for the weekends, swimming in the local pool at evening hours so you can go relaxed to bed, doing math just for the fun of it (don’t judge nowJ).

This thing is always up to the individual, so you try and give it a thought. Once you reconnect with your passion, you will most definitely bring a lot of hours of relaxation and joy into your life. That in turn can only lead to change for the better, thus improving your life tremendously.

3. Another thing that is completely up to you is your circle of people and circle of interest.

We all have the right to choose which people we let into our little world, from which we distance ourselves. Allowing only the ones that are on the same frequency as you are (read like minded people), and denying the right for all others to take a portion of your precious time, will turn your life completely for better.

Again, we are all unique, hence there is no such thing as sure thing, but since this is tailored up to your personality and expectations from yourself and others, it will make wonders on your self-improvement efforts.

You will enjoy spending time with people who you love, have mutual respect with, find challenging, or very similar to you. In such a cultivated space, you cannot help but not to improve.

Same goes for your circle of interests, where you, yourself, choose what to dedicate your time to, what to take as a mental ration on daily basis.

This will as well turn good to your quality of life and refine your lifestyle to a great extent.

We are all unique. But understanding that all of us react on different stimulus, which can by the way be adjusted and tweaked to meet your needs and your wants from life, is a game changer. Relying more upon yourself while not trying to blindly follow some manuals out there, will not hinder improvement, but encourage it instead. You are the one playing the game, so better make it by your own rules.