Three habits that will prepare your for your Fitness journey

Observing the numbers in Google Trends you can tell when month January comes to an end without even looking at the date. The manufactured emergency to improve oneself has a way of following a symptomatic curve. And this is especially true when it comes to fitness. So how can one disentangle from a frustratingly unsuccessful start, developing a long lasting fitness habit in the process?

Believe it or not, most fitness success stories have something to do with gradual progress. The more you ease yourself into working out, the higher the chances of successfully sticking with it. And I should know this- I coached for a year and worked together with people over the net for the last three.

And if there is a word cloud floating somewhere, representing fitness success, the most visible words would be gradually, consistent, and entertaining. Intense and boring are nowhere to be found.

But if I don’t workout hard enough I won’t see any results…

Bull hockey. When it comes to fitness success, smart can outrank hard nine ways to Sunday.

So let me set you up with three habits that will prepare you for the longest fitness streak in your life. Coincidently, you will forget about the cascade of intense exercises and achieve your results faster.

Dance your way into fitness

Though I’m very attentive to detail and quite the considerate guy, my fiancée never likes to follow any of the routines I’ve developed over the years.

So it got me thinking. What if, instead of working out (which she hates) she could start with something else?

So I proposed dancing.

And while dancing doesn’t look intimidating at all, it can still match other more demanding fitness routines when it comes to results. While every dance move looks fairly naïve at a glance, their cumulative power can make you break some serious sweat.

Long story short, after years of avoiding fitness, she finally completed a whole dance workout routine. You can even read her Cize review and see how much fun she had doing dance moves for the period of one month.

Dance eases your way into fitness, and makes you have fun throughout the process. And this is a place in which I like you to be. It will also strengthen your core allowing for complex and demanding workouts later on.

Dress up first

Let me explain this by describing a familiar feeling.

Have you ever had your dress on, only to learn later that the party was called off? Oh the bummer, right?

And this is a shared experience by many. When a person dresses up for an occasion, all sorts of disappointment kick in once it is rescheduled. So the logic reveals itself in this very simple advice- put on your running shoes, your top, and your pants…

And then what?

Well, nothing. That’s the end of it. Though what you will quickly come to realize is that once your gear is on, there is this urge to do something. Anything that involves moving your body. And this is exactly where I want you to be- wanting to move, wanting to work out.

So for the sake of this experiment, schedule the following ten days for nothing more but dressing up in your fitness gear.

The story of the pull-up bar


I was talking about low intensity and now this?

Let me explain…

The reason I include the pull-up bar is multilayered. First, even the strongest person cannot spend a lot of time up there, which translates the pull-up bar into being the fastest and most effective workouts of all.

At first, you can do one or two repetitions and call it a day. And tell me how many minutes out of your schedule that is? One, or maybe even less.

Even if you progress at a very fast rate, it would still take months before you spend anything more than 5 minutes per day.

Also, if you can leave the bar simply sitting there all of the time, you will find yourself stretching or doing one rep every now and then throughout the day- which doesn’t seem like much at all devotion wise.

But will this bulk me up?

Yeah right- I’m a guy who is constantly on a high protein diet, doing 10 sets of 10 repetitions on the pull up bar and all I’ve seen in months is muscle definition. Maybe you haven’t heard, but bulking up is one of the hardest things ever. Even having all of the right conditions met. So worry not – this will simply tone your upper body (back, biceps, triceps, shoulders) like nothing ever will.

And what about those of you who cannot even imagine doing a single rep? Well, here is a successful technique I’ve shared with many of my clients- simply jump up and focus on the negative portion of the pull-up, descending as slow as you can. Practice this and you will be doing pull-ups in less than a week.

So this wraps it up. Fitness, as I’ve learned over the years, doesn’t have to be hard at all. It can be fun, and slowly incorporated into your lifestyle. So slowly that you wouldn’t even notice.