5 Ways To Meet Someone During The Holidays

The holidays are a great time to meet someone. There is certain chemistry and dare I say magic which in a way always draws people closer. And from a logical point of view this is quite convincing as well. Singles usually fall under two categories. One that feels rather blue during holiday season, deciding to stay more at home, and other looking to have great time going out and meeting people.

Let’s put a business spin here. More networking creates better business opportunities. Same analogy applies here too. The more you are active and willing to go out and explore, the better your chance of meeting someone right for you.

The chemistry we mentioned surrounding the holidays? Well, when combined with the fact that singles who do go out are really ready to have a great time meeting someone, it translates into the perfect opportunity for you.

Here are some suggestions on how you can meet some people and have a great time.

Winter Sports

If you are a movies fan, chances are you already saw handful of scenes where people experience great romance while doing some winter sports together. Ice skating for example. It has been portrayed as one of the most romantic ideas you can take a date to for the night and have a great time.

It has some flavor to it that nothing modern and sophisticated can beat. Besides, if you are somewhat shy the constant movement breaks any tension whatsoever.

For the more romantic ones, this idea is a jewel. So think about it.

More Social Time with Friends

Just go out with friends and try having a great time. Sometimes you can bump into people you never thought you would otherwise. Remember, the more dynamic your social life, the better the chance of meeting someone great. And when going out with a group, sometimes it gets easier to step over the initial barrier that is somewhat present if you are just by yourself.

Gym or Fitness Class

You can always meet someone in the gym, or at a fitness class, or during dancing lessons. These people who go there are usually open-minded, always ready to approach someone or to be approached.

Just being yourself would suffice, though some flirting is always a plus. And if you are really into the fitness thing, there is always something as to spark the conversation and keep it going. I’ve met many girls while training for a 5k run. It would have never occurred to me that this was possible.


Never hesitate to go to a party or some event that your friends mentioned on Facebook. If some of your friends are going, you go and show up too. Like I said, you never know who you might meet. The holiday season does its magic in a way. I cannot remember how many times I’ve met great people at such parties just spontaneously.

Outdoor Activities

If you are into nature like hiking and similar activities, that’s another plus too. Here is an interesting story about Bear Grylls who all of you probably know. This man is an inspiration on how you can enjoy life spontaneously. In his book “The kid who climbed Everest” I found a fascinating story.

Right before he was about to depart for Nepal and start his expedition that would later on make him the youngest Britton ever reaching the summit, he trained under tedious weather conditions in some rather remote places in Britain.

One day, just as he was trying to swim in a freezing lake butt naked, as he describes, not being able to endure the cold and running out of the water, he saw a beautiful girl passing by.

Trying to hide his wedding present, as he says it, and apologize, he later on had some great time and conversation with this girl. After a while she became his girlfriend, and now she is his wife and the mother of his children.

What you can take from this is that probably many chances await you out there, only you have to go out more and find out.

The holiday season is probably the perfect timing due to the charm surrounding it.